Friday, 7 June 2013

Wheels on fire...rolling down the road....

We have wheels, and yes, it is a Citroen.
  (It's the one on Michael's right - they're really common.)

We've spent three days messing around with MOT and tax and insurance and we've even given the car a thorough clean inside and out! (We were going to get it valeted at a car wash but the price of 65 pounds sent me into shock. Michael negotiated it down to 55 pounds but I still said no - around $100! I'll do it myself and spend that money on myself.)So this morning we grabbed Jim's vacuum cleaner, sprayed and scrubbed the seats and carpets and got rid of all the usual stains associated with children and car seats.
Now we're ready to roll.

When we start rolling  and where we roll to we haven't yet decided but if they have wifi you'll learn about it.
In the meantime we're enjoying the sunshine and Jim's garden.

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